Our objectives:

1. To promote, support and ensure publication of research into the causes and treatment of brain tumours and;

2. With particular emphasis on children and young people, to provide grants and financial assistance to provide equipment, facilities and other support for the benefit of sufferers of brain tumours and other cancers, their families and carers.

The family feel that although nothing will ever bring Ellie back – or ‘make it OK’, that at least if there are people trying to DO SOMETHING about it, it will make the incredibly painful loss of Ellie slightly easier to bear.


The Original Members of Ellie's Fund BTT

Pictured above: All the original members of Ellie’s Fund Brain Tumour Trust at our official launch with the Mayor of Scarborough, Mrs Hazel Lynskey and Robert Goodwill, MP for Scarborough and Whitby, February 2011. Having originally started raising money for another brain tumour charity; ‘Ellie’s Fund’ became a registered charity – Ellie’s Fund Brain Tumour Trust – in September 2010. Our registered charity number is 1138359. We were delighted to welcome Lady Heather Ayckbourn as our Patron in April 2011.

The Original Members are:

Jason and Heather Othick, Ellie’s step-dad, and mum (2nd and 3rd right)
Tina Boden (far right) Shaun Tymon (3rd from left)

We also have to thank our original Youth Committee, who helped us in much of our initial admin research, and who helped at, organised, and have taken part in many events. They were ‘looked after’ by Sue Pacey and Diane Whorton, and are:
Aimee Beth Dixon, Paris Moon, Hannah Pacey, Jess Pacey, Harriet Ritchie, Natalie Wright, Jenna Marsh, Amy Stockill, Amy Atkin, Maddy Wood, Meg Smith, and Holly Oliver.

The girls have all moved on to other things now – college and work, but some of them remain in touch and still help out at events when their commitments allow.

Also pictured above is Helene Anderson, 2nd left (who was a Trustee at the time of the picture; she is currently in the process of emigrating and has now stepped down), and Sam Risker who helped us with some of the preparations for our launch, and Emily Dixon, front, holding Ellie’s photo – who was an honorary YC member.


Our Patron Lady Ayckbourn

Lady Ayckbourn

‘Ellie’s Fund – Brain Tumour Trust? What can I say? When I learnt what had been achieved by a resourceful family, their friends and, above all, a remarkable young girl in such a comparatively short time impressed me beyond words. I was honoured to be asked to be the Trust’s first patron and my hope is that my association with it will be of some small help in continuing the vital fundraising work started as a result of one very special girl.’

Lady Ayckbourn, May 2011.



Did you know that:

• 16,000 people each year in the UK are diagnosed with a brain tumour
• 20% of all cancers now spread to the brain
• More men under the age of 45 and women under the age of 35 die from a brain tumour than any other cancer
• While the five-year survival rate for many cancers is over 50% and rising to over 90% for some cancers, for brain tumours, the five year survival rate for men is 14.1% and women is now 13.8%
• Brain tumours are the most common solid tumour found in children and they have overtaken leukaemia as the biggest cancer killer of children in the UK
• The number of children dying from a brain tumour in 2007 was 33% higher than in 2001; child deaths from leukaemia were 39% lower than in 2001
• Brain tumour research receives less than 1% (0.7%) of cancer research spending in the UK
• The amount the government has spent on cancer research related to brain tumours in 2007-8 is half the ‘official’ figure of £970,000 from the Medical Research Council

Of the 16,000 people a year that are diagnosed with a brain tumour, 6,400 (40%) are primary tumours originating in the brain while the remaining are secondary tumours which have spread to the brain from primary tumours at other sites of the body.

Indeed around 25% of all cancers spread to the brain.

Adults and children who do survive are left with side effects which affect them for the rest of their lives.

Ellie’s Fund – Brain Tumour Trust registered address is 15 Pinfold Close, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 6UZ.