There are lots of ways you can help Ellie’s Fund – Brain Tumour Trust to raise brain tumour awareness – and lots of them won’t cost you anything!

Number 1 : Write to your MP

  • 16,000 people each year in the UK are diagnosed with a brain tumour
  • 20% of all cancers now spread to the brain
  • More men under the age of 45 and women under the age of 35 die from a brain tumour than any other cancer
  • While the five-year survival rate for many cancers is over 50% – for brain tumours, the five year survival rate is only 14%
  • Brain tumours are the most common tumour found in children and have overtaken leukaemia as the biggest cancer killer of children in the UK
  • Brain tumour research receives less than 1% (0.7%) of cancer research spending in the UK
  • The amount the government has spent on cancer research related to brain tumours in 2007-8 is half the ‘official’ figure of £970,000 from the Medical Research Council
  • Our MP’s need to be told this, until they start to listen.

If you live in the Scarborough and Whitby area then your local MP is Robert Goodwill. You can visit his website for contact details and send him your letter by email.


Number 2 : Join Our Campaign Group on Facebook!

  • Strength in numbers is what we need to help us get our message across – just click on our social media links at the top or bottom to find our group on facebook.


Number 3 : Support one of our events

  • See our events page for more details. There are all sorts of events planned. We need people to help out as well as to donate.


Number 4 : Visit Our Online Shop!

Ok, so this one might cost you a bit!

Please have a look at our shop page. Show your support by wearing one of our wristbands


Number 5 : Organise an event!

There are lots of event ideas out there. We’ve gathered some of them together and created a quick ‘how to’ guide on our new page which will be coming soon.